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Xi'an Water Affairs Group launched a series of propaganda ladbrokes online casino activities for urban urban savings and water publicity weeks and "Water Yun Xi'an and City Communist Life"

Qingri warm wind raw wheat gas,Green Yin Youcao Win Flower。May 15,from Xi'an Water Affairs Bureau、Xi'an SASAC、The 2024 National Urban Survey Publicity Week and the "Water Yun Xi'an and the City Communist Life" water -saving series of water -saving activities were successfully held。This event is "Promoting City Water Conservation,Construction of Beautiful City "as the theme,Visit the water source ...



Xi'an Water Affairs Group "May 4th" Youth Festival event is wonderful

Inheritance of the May 4th Spirit,Unity Leading the Group members of the group、League members youth listen to the party、Go with the party,On the occasion of the 75th "May 4th" Youth Festival,All units of Xi'an Water Affairs Group have carried out a series of rich content、Various theme activities of forms,Inspired the majority of young employees to practice youth vows ladbrokes sports with struggle,Use responsibility to write with action。 Golden Pen Reservoir Branch ...



Xi'an Water Affairs Group Youth League Committee launched May 4th Youth Festival

In order to thoroughly study and implement Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thought with Chinese characteristics and the spirit of the 20th spirit of the party,​​Further promoting "Patriotic、progress、Democracy、Science's May 4th spirit,Unity Leading the Young League members of the Group system played the role of vital army,Effectively improve the quality and efficiency of the water supply service of the enterprise,April 29,Group Youth League Committee and the General Branch of the Group's Purification Treatment Co., Ltd.



The city's ecological field 2024 "4 · 15" National Security Education Day theme promotional activity launching ceremony was held at the water source area of ​​Heihe Jinpudi Reservoir

To thoroughly implement the overall national security ladbrokes sports concept,Promote the extensive and in -depth development of national security education in the ecological environment,On the morning of April 10,Hosted by Xi'an Ecological and Environment Bureau,City Heihe Water Source Land Environmental Protection Management Terminal、The Heihe Branch of the Municipal Public Security Bureau、Xi'an Water Affairs Group Golden Pen Reservoir branch co -organized by the "4 · 15" National Security Education Day theme promotional work ...



Deputy Director of the Provincial Water Resources Department Zuo Huaili went to the research and guidance of Xi'an Tap Water 1952 Exhibition Hall

On the afternoon of April 7,Deputy Director of the Provincial Water Resources Department Zuo Huaili led a team to Xi'an Water 1952 Exhibition Hall for research and guidance,Detailed understanding of the development history of Xi'an tap water、Water supply services and future planning related situations。 In the survey,The development process of the left director ladbrokes online sports betting for more than 70 years of the Water Water and the lives of the people's livelihood、Outstanding achievements in promoting development and other aspects Express,At the same time ...



Revolutionary Emperor Lie Martyl -continuous red blood — Xi'an Water Affairs Group launched the theme activity of "Our Festival · Qingming Festival"

It's the Qingming again a year,Qingming Festival is people remembering Yinglie、Memories of the deceased、Sacrifice Sweeping Tombs、Mourning ancestors、Important festivals of pinching sorrow。Recently,The subordinates of Xi'an Water Affairs Group's subordinates have extensively carried out the theme activity of the Qingming Festival of the Qingming Festival,Aimed at inheriting the spirit of the hero,Stimulation of Endurance Power。 All units can carry out the Cemetery of Martyrs and Sweeping Martyrs Cemetery、Visit the former revolutionary site、Share red ...

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