Leadership of Xi'an Water Affairs Group investigated the preparation of the theme publicity activities of "Water Conservation China · Xi'an" theme
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   On the morning of February 26,Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group、Chairman He Ruilin went to the group's "Water Conservation China Travel · Xi'an" theme propaganda activities special class research,Listen to the work development and the next work plan report,and arrange the preparation ladbrokes online casino work in the next stage。2024 is General Secretary Xi Jinping's 10th anniversary of the important speech to protect the national water security,It is also the key year to promote the complete completion of the "14th Five -Year Plan" water -saving social construction target task。According to the national "Water -saving China" theme propaganda plan,The National Water Education Office is planned to be during the "World Water Day" and "China Water Week" in 2024,Open the first "Water Conservation China Tour" theme promotional activity in our city,Through a series of water -saving promotion activities and social communication activities,ladbrokes online casino Strengthening water -saving consciousness of the whole society,Help forming a water -saving production lifestyle,Promoting water saving becomes a national action、Will the whole people、Social Fashion。The research team emphasizes,Xi'an Water Affairs Group as the co -organizer of this event,Is the province、Municipal Government's high recognition of the group's work,It is a comprehensive test of the group's comprehensive ability,It is a rare development opportunity。All departments at all levels should attach great importance to,Active responsibility、Actively as,Do a good job of communicating with external and coordination ladbrokes sports of internal coordination,Fandering node,Plan in advance,Promoting Fully,Fine activity、Exquisite、Try to do wonderful,The guarantee activity is successfully completed。

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