Learn the spirit of Lei Feng, strive to be the "Feng" person in the new era
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   To actively inherit and promote the spirit of Lei Feng,Practice the practice concept of civilization in the new era,Continue writing a new era "Lei Feng Story",On the occasion of the 61st "Learning Lei Feng Memorial Day",All units of Xi'an Water Affairs Group carried out various formal volunteer service activities。

   In the event,Volunteers walk into the lonely old people,Enter the Heihe Pipe Drainage,Entering a special education school ... they communicate intimately with the elderly,ladbrokes online sports betting Understand physical condition,Promoting Dedication、Friends、mutual assistance、Progressive volunteer service spirit。They follow the winding rugged mountain road,Pick up the garbage、Clean the river,Let "green with actual actions、Low carbon、Environmental Protection "is deeply rooted in people's hearts,Contributions to the green mountains and green water of Qinling Mountains。They sent life items to children,Pass to them love and friendship。They cleaned up snowfall in the key areas of Zhouzhi old counties,Clear a safe and smooth avenue for the local residents,Soty to solve problems for the masses。"Water Dingdong" service team wearing red vests,Enter the community,Ladbrokes login Publicity of water saving、Convenience services extend to the masses。

   Lijiahe Reservoir Company combined with Lei Fengyue,On the 32nd "World Water Day"、The 37th "China Water Week" arrives,Opportunity to publicize the theme of the "Water Conservation China Walk · Xi'an",Entering Aerospace a small launch "Learn the Spirit of Lei Feng,Fight for water -saving small guards "activity。By sharing "Lei Feng Diary"、Watch the water -saving promotional video、Explanation of the knowledge and interactive question and answer of the reservoir,Guide primary school students to actively practice Lei Feng's spirit,Comprehensive enhancement of water saving consciousness and concept。

   "Lei Feng's spirit is eternal,Is ladbrokes sports a vivid embodiment of the core values ​​of socialism。"Our water person not only shoulders the mission of water supply,It is necessary to actively perform social responsibility,Demonstrate the responsibility of state -owned enterprises,Xi'an Water Affairs Group will call for all cadres and employees to strive for the spread of Lei Feng's spirit with actual actions、Practitioner and Guardian,Strive to be a new era to chase the "front",Let Lei Feng's spirit bloom more brilliant light in the new era。

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