Xi'an Water Affairs Group held a working conference on the construction of party style and clean government in 2023
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    February 24,Xi'an Water Affairs Group held a working conference on the construction of party style and clean government in 2023。Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group、Chairman He Ruilin attended the meeting and spoke,Member of the Party Committee of the Group、Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission Zhang Dawei presided over the meeting and made a work report to the conference,Leadership of the Group Company、The group's middle -level cadres and all disciplinary inspection and supervision cadres participated in the meeting。

    The meeting conveyed the Second Plenary ladbrokes sports betting app Session of the 20th Central Discipline Inspection Commission and the Second Plenary Session of the 14th Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission、The spirit of the Third Plenary Session of the Fourteenth Municipal Discipline Inspection Commission,Summary reviewing the work of party style and clean government in 2022 and anti -corruption work,Arrangement and deployment of work tasks in 2023。Tap Water Company、Water Supply Group、Secretary of the Party Organization of Engineering Construction Management Company and Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee of Drainage Group Disciplinary Committee described to the conference。

    The meeting pointed out: In the past year,The Group Discipline Inspection Commission is under the strong leadership of the Municipal Discipline Inspection Commission and the Group's Party Committee,Always work with the Party Committee Center with the same direction、The same frequency resonance,Supervisor continues to increase,Disciplinary case punishment is strong,Work style construction continues to deepen,The construction of clean and clean water affairs is carried out in depth,Integrate to promote the construction of the "Three Nothing Rotten" system and mechanism,New progress in the construction of party style and clean government and anti -corruption、New results,For the Group's implementation of the city's "three one" strategic deployment、Deepen the reform of state -owned enterprises、Make every effort to do a good job of drainage services and play an important supervision and guarantee role。

    Conference ladbrokes online sports betting Requirements: 2023,It is the beginning of the 20th spirit of the party's 20th spirit,It is a key year for the implementation of the "14th Five -Year Plan" plan.,It is also the year of building the city's large -scale integration pattern,Disciplinary inspection and supervision work is responsible for major responsibility。First, focus on focusing on the right incision,Promoting the specificization of political supervision、Precision、Normalization。Doing Xue Tong Tong Tong in an internship in the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics、Implement the target task of the 20th National Congress of the Party as the top priority,Adhere to the major decision -making deployment of the Party Central Committee,Where to follow the supervision and inspection,Pay attention to the protection of people's livelihood water、Ecological and Environmental Protection、Safety production and other deployment requirements,Strengthen political supervision,Ensure that party organizations and party members and cadres at all levels talk about politics、Gu Big situation、Anti -core、Really。Second, we must find a standard positioning in the overall situation,Service Guarantee Group Central Center。Give full play to supervision and guarantee implementation、Promote the improvement of the development role,Implementing the "1234" target task determined by the Group Corporation,Development in business operations、Urban flood prevention and drainage、Water Resources Development ladbrokes sports and Utilization、Minsheng Water Supply Guarantee and other key tasks,Follow -up Supervision、Precision Supervision、Supervision throughout the process,escort for the development of the enterprise。Third, we must comprehensively strengthen the party's discipline construction,Accelerate the pace of clean -up water construction。Strongly carry out the sixth disciplinary education learning promotion month activity,Adhere to the party spirit and party style, party discipline,Do a good job of "pre -publicity、Punishment in things、After -the -after warning ",Urges party members and cadres to consciously obey the rules。Solidly promoting clean water construction,Co -construction and co -creation brand,Vigorously create "Lianyun Plastic Enterprise、Integrity Guarding Enterprise、A good political ecological ecology of integrity。Fourth, we must persist in correction of the "four winds" trees and new winds,Vigorously create a new style of integrity and practice。Vigorously create a new style of integrity and practice,Vigorously cure the inaction、Slow as、"Buddhism", "Lie flat" and other problems。Implement "Three Evals", Use fault tolerance and error,Resolutely strike、Seriously investigating and punishing malicious reports、诬,Cadres who dare to take responsibility to support their waist and drum。Special governance of continuous deepening of corruption in the field of wading related fields,Improve the level of drainage management service。Five ladbrokes sports betting app is to build a perfect supervision and governance system,Continue deepening the reform of the disciplinary inspection and supervision system。Persist in wind corruption and check、Ji Fa Tong Shi、One Correction,Investigation and punishment of incorrect wind and the problem of corruption behind it,Digging into the "Four Winds" in the case of corrupt cases,Strengthening style construction。In -depth promotion of the dual leadership system of disciplinary inspection and supervision work、proceduralization、Institutionalization,Improve the quality and efficiency of grass -roots discipline inspection and supervision。​​Six is ​​to strengthen team building with stricter standards,Promote the high -quality development of disciplinary inspection and supervision。The theme education deployed by the Party Central Committee is solid,Dunk loyalty character,To be loyal、Standing with ability、Acting with the responsibility、Establish a bid for cleanliness。Strengthen the education and training management of disciplinary inspection and supervision cadres,Strengthen job training,Improve business level。Strengthen self -supervision,Plumb and clean the background color,Eliminates the case with a case、String Packet Shelter、Questions such as running wind leakage,Resolutely control "under the light under the light"。

    Conference emphasized: party organizations at all levels of the group、Discipline Inspection and Supervision Organization must give full play to the role of comprehensively and strictly governing the party's political ladbrokes online casino leadership and political guarantee,Increase the pressure of "tube",Accurately grasp the new situation and requirements of the new situation of party style and clean government and the struggle for anti -corruption; improve the system of "control",Adhere to all kinds of supervision integration,Guarantee the group company's stable and far away; always maintain the "strict" tone,Strictly carry out style construction,Comprehensively improve the ability of party members and cadres to perform their duties。Keep in mind "Comprehensive and strictly governing the party will always be on the road,The Party's self -revolution is always on the road ",With a fuller mental state and actual work effectiveness, the party's 20th spirit is implemented,With a more determined attitude、More powerful measures、More solid work,Constantly promoting the construction of the group's party style and clean government to a new level,Provides a strong guarantee for promoting the high -quality development of Xi'an's water business。The meeting also reported and recognized the outstanding disciplinary inspection and supervision cadres of the group system in 2022,Organized the signing of the responsibility letter of the 1023 party style and clean government construction target。

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