Xi'an Water Group Co., Ltd. publicly recruited announcement on written Ladbrokes login test -related arrangements in 2024
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Notice on written Ladbrokes login test -related arrangements



   According to the "Xi'an Water Extract Group Co., Ltd. 2024 Public Recruitment Announcement",Registration、Qualification review procedures,366 people in line with written test conditions,See Annex 1,See the attachment 2 for the list of specific written test personnel 2。The relevant matters related to the written test are as follows:

   1. Written test arrangement

  1. Printing the admission ticket

  Following the written test staff,Before May 6, 2024,Uniformly inform third -party professional institutions by phone or SMS,and send it to the mailbox filled in when the applicant is registered for printing。

  2. Written test time

  May 7, 2024 (Tuesday) 9: 00-11: 00 am。

  3. Written test location

  Kangqiao Smart Examination Center.

  4. Written test address

  Xi'an Yanya District, Yanxingmen West Road, No. 755 National University of Science and Technology Park, Block D, Science and Technology Incubation Base D of Science and Technology Incubation Base D of Science and Technology Incubation Base D of Science and Technology Incubation Base on Block D of Science and Technology Incubation Base D Get off at port A at the Qujiang Campus Station; you can also take a bus No. 101 and get off at the second intersection of Yanxingmen Road, Xin'an Road, Xin'an Road。Baidu or Gaode Map to search: Kangqiao Smart Examination Center)

  2. Precautions for participating in the written test

  1. Please bring candidates with the original and admission ticket of the residents to take the written test。

  2. After 30 minutes of the test, you must not enter the examination room.

  3. Candidates ladbrokes sports should obey the management of the examiner,Accepting the supervision and inspection of the procedures。Strictly abide by examination discipline,Written test process implements closed management,Electronic communication tools such as mobile phones carried by them must be handed over to the staff uniformly control,Do not bring it to the test room。Whenever the staff of the unreasonable custody and carry it with them,Regardless of booting or not,Once discovered,Cancel the written test qualification。Keep quiet in the test room,Forbidden to make a head -up、Passing items,It is strictly forbidden to cheat in any form,Discipline、Cheating those handled in accordance with relevant discipline and regulations。

  Consultation Tel: 15719286649 (Teacher Chen)

        18792887920 (Teacher Wang) 

  Supervision Tel: 029-86479589

  Consultation time: 9: 00-12: 00,13:00-18:00


  Annex: 1.2024 Recruitment of the remaining positions in the number of positions

      2.2024 recruitment of the written test staff

ladbrokes sports betting appAnnex 1: 2024 Recruitment of the remaining positions for the number of places for positions.xlsx

ladbrokes online sports bettingAttachment 2: 2024 Recruitment of the Written Test staff.xlsx




 April 30, 2024  

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