Group Headquarters by 9 functional departments、Composition of 3 professional management centers。respectively: office、Human Resources Department、Party and Mass Work Department、Supervision Specialist Office、Strategic Investment Department、Strategic Investment Department、Finance Department、Asset Operation Department、Audit Department、Production and Operation Center、Technical Information Center、Engineering Management Center。Group Corporation currently has 14 subsidiaries、4 branches。

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1. Office

1. Responsible for the Group's Party Committee、Board、The daily affairs of the office meeting of the general manager;

2. Responsible for the key work of the group、Organization of important decisions and leadership instructions、Summary、Tracking and supervising;

3. Responsible for the Group's charter management,Lead the organization to prepare and revise various rules and regulations;

4. Responsible for coordinating the implementation of the main responsibility of the group's party style and clean government;

5. Responsible for Wen Dian、Machine、File、Confidential、Seal management and petition、Stability work;

6. Responsible for government information、Policy research and group document drafting、Secret affairs and other tasks;

7. Suggestion of the representative of the person in charge、The handling of the proposal of the CPPCC member;

8. Responsible for the Group's important customers、Cooperation unit、Strategic partners and other public relations maintenance and group outside、Comprehensive coordination of internal coordination;

9. Responsible for conference、Reception、Bus、Comprehensive service work such as communication and other logistics;

10. Responsible for the groupOAOffice system management operation and maintenance;

11. There are inspection rooms, petition office;

12. Complete other tasks assigned by the group leader.

2. The Ministry of Human Resources

1. Responsible

2. Responsible、Delivery、Fixed work;

3. Responsible for the reserves of the group management leaders、Selection、Appointment and removal、Assessment,Cultivation of young cadres、Talent team building and other work;

4. Responsible for the selection and affairs management of directors and executives of enterprises affiliated by the group;

5. Responsible for the control of the total salary of the group and its affiliated enterprises;

6. Responsible for the compensation management ladbrokes online sports betting of the leadership team of the group where the group affiliated、Formulate the performance evaluation management system of the group headquarters and organize implementation;

7. Responsible for talent recruitment configuration、employee training、Title Skills Management and Veterans Receive resettlement;

8. Responsible for the group's salary and benefits、Personnel file、Labor relationship、Social Insurance、Housing Provident Fund、Centralized management of documents for private (border) due to private (border);

9. Responsible for the daily work of the pay and assessment committee of the board of directors;

10. Complete other tasks assigned by the group.

Three, Party and Mass Work Department (United Front Office)

1. Responsible for the setting, adjustment and change of grass -roots party organizations;

2.Responsible for the education of party members、Party member management、Party Member Organization Relations Management Work;

3. Responsible for the collection, use and management of party fees;

4.Responsible for the daily work of the group party committee theoretical learning center group,Organization arranges a democratic life meeting;

5.Responsible for the group's party's innovation theory learning, preaching, ideological and political work;

6. Responsible for the group ideology、Construction of spiritual civilization、Public opinion management work;

7. Responsible for corporate culture construction、Brand Construction、Official website、WeChat public account and other new media construction、Management and information release,Coordinated Group External、Propaganda work for internal publicity; 

8. Responsible for the daily work of the headquarters party committee, the Communist Youth League and the Women's Federation;

9.Responsible for the group united front work

10. Complete other tasks assigned by the group.

4. Supervision Commissioner Office

1. Responsible for the daily affairs of the Group's Supervision Commissioner's Office;

2. Responsible for organizing and holding the group meeting of the Group Supervision Commissioner、Disciplinary Inspection and Supervision Works and Supervision and Supervision;

3.Responsible for assisting the Group's party committee to promote the construction of party style and clean government and anti -corruption work,Organize the assessment of party style and clean government construction;

4. NegativeResponsible organization to comprehensively and strictly govern the party、Anti -Corruption Propaganda Education and the Construction of integrity culture;

5. Responsible for accepting the party organization of the affiliated enterprise、Report and control of party members and supervisors,Do a good job of letters and visits reports and problem clues registered、Circulation disposal;

6. Responsible for the investigation of important cases of the group,Investigation and disposal of party members and supervisory objects in the management authority of illegal discipline and discipline;

7. Responsible for party style and clean government construction opinion reply,Carrying out the management of cadres before office and the management of the clean government archives of leading cadres;

8.Responsible for the style of the party's style and implementation of the central government"Eight Provisions" psychological supervision and inspection;

9. There are inside disciplinary committees and disciplinary inspection and supervision rooms;

10. Complete other tasks assigned by the group.

V. Trade Union Office

1. Responsible for the daily affairs of the group trade union,Guide the work union of the affiliated enterprise;

2.Responsible for organizing and carrying out advanced collectives at the municipal level and above、Recommendation and management of labor model;

3. Responsible for the preparation of the Group's Workers' Conference,Supervise the implementation of the conference proposal、Resolution Execution;

4. Responsible for organizing employees to submit rationalized suggestions、Participate in technological innovation;

5. Responsible for organizing labor competitions and skills training;

6. Responsible for organizing the cultural and sports activities of the group's employees;

7. Responsible for the guarantee of the employee's rights and interests of the group headquarters、Trade Union Welfare and Employees Health Education;

8. Responsible

9. Responsible for the management and service of the group's poverty alleviation and retirees;

10. Complete other tasks assigned by the group.

6. Strategic Investment Department

1. Responsible for preparing the Group's development strategic plan、Medium and long -term planning and organizing implementation;

2. Responsible for industry policy、Industry Development Trends Research,Regularly collect industry information,Make suggestions and countermeasures;

3. Responsible for preparing the Group's annual business plan、Project investment plan and organize implementation;

4. Responsible for the investment demonstration of the group headquarters and the company's fixed asset investment design project above designated size,Responsible and development and reform、Housing Construction and other government departments contacted project support and superior support funds;

5.Responsible for the group reform and restructuring、Equity Management、Asset reorganization and investment rights management;

6. Responsible for the group's docking city performance assessment,Coordinating the Department of Coordinating Group、Enterprise annual goals and tasks are issued and assessment;

7. Responsible for the collection of the completion of various indicators and tasks of the group、Summary、Analysis and proposed countermeasures;

8. Responsible for the implementation of the "three one" strategic deployment organization and the group's industrial chain strong chain supplementary chain、Market development work;

9. Responsible for establishing and improving the group's legal affairs standard system,Legal review and demonstration of major matters of the group、Legal risks are effectively controlled;

10. Responsible for the group's water and water price management、Contract management、Statistics Management;

11. Responsible for the daily work of the Group's investment decision -making committee;

12. Internal Law Department;

13. Complete other tasks assigned by the group.

Seven, Finance Department

1. Responsible for the group accounting management、Accounting Basic Management、Comprehensive budget management、Fund Management、Cost management、Tax management;

2.Responsible for coordinating management group debt financing work;

3. Responsible for organizing accounting statements and financial analysis;

4. Responsible、Check、Analysis;

5. Responsible for the application management and financial file management of the group's financial information system;

6. Responsible for the fixed asset value management of the group headquarters;

7.Responsible for supervising and managing the financial accounts of the completion of the construction of each project;

8. Internal fund settlement center;

9. Complete other tasks assigned by the group.

8. Asset Operation Department

1.Responsible for the construction of the group's asset management system,The basic system of formulating and implementing asset management、Decision process and implementation measures;

2.Responsible for the asset operation management of the group and the affiliated enterprise,Monitor and evaluate the effect of asset operation;

3.Responsible for the Group and its enterprise fixed asset investment review; guidance、Supervise the fixed asset management work of the affiliated enterprise;

4.Responsible for the asset transaction of the group and the affiliated enterprise、Review of matters such as free transfer,Provide a basis for the group's decision -making;

5.Responsible,and conduct compliance review;

6.Responsible for the approval of the asset evaluation items of the group and its affiliated enterprises and their investment companies、Record management;

7.Responsible for the management of various idle inefficient assets of the group and its affiliated enterprises;

8.Responsible for establishing a group asset management information platform,Dynamic and control of asset information information;

9. Complete other tasks assigned by the group leaders.

9. Audit Department

1. Responsible for the daily development and organization management of the group's internal audit affairs,Guidance、Supervision、Evaluate the internal audit work of the affiliated enterprise;

2. Lead the organization to audit the implementation of major national policies and measures and the deployment of important work deployment;

3. Take the lead in urging the implementation of the group's various audits、Inspection and special inspections to rectify the problems found in the problem;

4. Responsible for the construction and supervision implementation of the group risk prevention and control system,Coordination Organization for the prevention and control of various risks in the group operations;

ladbrokes online casino 5. Responsible for the daily affairs of the Group Supervisory Board,Business guidance for the business supervisory committee of the affiliated enterprise,Promote the construction of the affiliated enterprises to strengthen the construction of the board of supervisors;

6. Responsible for the review of the completion and settlement of the group engineering project,The results of the completion and settlement of the secondary enterprise project of the group's affiliated enterprise;

7. Organize audit business training;

8. Responsible,Supervision of the dynamic management of project process costs,Spring inspection of the project budget preparation;

9. Responsible for the price form of the group's engineering project contract、Price adjustment and other relevant provisions for review;

10.Responsible for organizing and carrying out the group evaluation of group investment projects and accountability of illegal investment liability;

11. Complete other tasks assigned by the group leaders.

10. Production and Operation Center (Safety Supervision Department)

1. Lead the Group's production Ladbrokes login and operation coordinated management work,Responsible for production technology、Guidance and supervision of production operation,Quality management of drainage and sludge disposal;

2. Responsible、tap water、Drainage、Sewage treatment、Comprehensive balance and command scheduling of water reuse;

3.Responsible,Lead the formulation of production and operation plans;

4.Responsible for supervising the daily management of the equipment affiliated with,Review of the equipment facility maintenance and maintenance plan,Do a good job of production cost control and cooperation;

5.Responsible for coordinating the water quality management of the group,Supervise、Check the management of water quality inspection;

6. Daily work in the office of the Group's Work Safety Committee,Responsible for safety production、Fire Safety、Anti -terrorism explosion -proof、Report on emergency management and production safety accidents、disposal、Investigation;

7. Daily work in the office of the Group's Flood Control Work Leading Group,Responsible for the construction of the flood prevention system、Flood prevention emergency plan formulation、Flood control team formation、Flood control materials reserve and drought resistance;

8. Responsible for the group12345Citizen Hotline Management Supervision,Guidance and handling customer complaints、Consultation;

9. Responsible for the business environment and cooperate with environmental protection inspections;

10.Add the sign of the Ministry of Safety Supervision;

11. Complete other tasks assigned by the group.

11, Technical Information Center

1. Responsible for leading the preparation of drainage、Smart Water Affairs and other professional plans;

2. Responsible for the guidance and supervision of the technical work of the project,Responsible for the review and demonstration of the initial technical solution of the project;

3. Responsible for the formulation of important equipment technical parameters,Solving major technical problems in production and operation technology;

4. Responsible for new crafts、New Technology、Introduction to the introduction of new equipment、Test、Promotion、Achievement release and reserve exchanges;

5. Responsible for group scientific research innovation and intellectual property management;

6. Responsible for led the group's information construction work,Guidance、Construction of the information system of the affiliated enterprise、Management,Establish an information resource sharing mechanism;

7. Responsible for the construction of the group's smart water affairs;

8. Responsible for the maintenance of the group's network technology;

9. Complete other tasks assigned by the group leaders.

Twelve, Engineering Management Center

1. Responsible for preparing and revising the group's engineering management rules and regulations and implementing inspections;

2. Responsible for supervising and implementing the legal person of the project construction project、Construction Supervision、Contract management and other systems and engineering construction project management measures;

3.Responsible for the entire process of engineering construction supervision and management,Lead the project change review、Design optimization、Project completion acceptance and asset transfer work formed by the project

4. Responsible for collecting、Summary、Submit the progress of the project under construction ladbrokes online sports betting project,Establishing the progress table and engineering project of the project in construction;

5. Responsible for cooperating with the completion of the bidding of the group's engineering construction project、Quality、progress、Related inspections of the construction of safety and safety civilization;

6.Responsible for the technical guidance of the group engineering construction project、Check and supervise,Responsible for project plan preparation and drawing design、Construction drawing technical intercourse,Participate in the argument、The technical solution and disposal of major accidents for the judge group

7. Responsible for comments or suggestions on the construction of the group's investment project,Preparation of Group Engineering Project Proposal、Feasibility study report;

8. Conducting the group engineering project company,Responsible for handling the initial project procedures for the project。Apply for project land acquisition、Approval、Transfer and other procedures,Promoting the project landing。Approval procedures for the construction of project construction,Make sure the project construction is legally compliant;

9. Responsible for preparing project budget,Responsible for project prepayment、Audit of the equivalent of progress funds,Responsible for dynamic management of the cost of project process,Early warning project is superpatient,Cooperate with the project audit;

10. Internal bidding management center,Responsible for the engineering project of the group headquarters and the bidding of daily services;

11. Complete other tasks assigned by the group leaders.

Thirteen, the main responsibilities of the internal institutions

1. The Ministry of Justice

① Responsible for formulating the relevant system of legal affairs of the group,Guide the development of the legal affairs of the enterprise affiliated by the group;

② Responsible for providing legal support for group operations,Participate in the study of the law in the group operation,Answer the legal consultation issues raised by the business department;

Responsible for handling various legal lawsuits or disputes in the group operation,Provide legal guarantee;

④ Responsible for the group's economic contract、rules and regulations、The legitimate compliance of important decisions is reviewed,and issue legal review suggestions;

⑤ Complete other tasks assigned by the group leader.

2. Bidding Management Center

① Responsible for the bidding plan of the construction engineering project entrusted by the headquarters and subsidiaries of the group company and subsidiaries in accordance with the authority and report to the bidding leading group for approval;

② Responsible for the communication and coordination of the construction project bidding project and the bidding authority of the project entrusted by the headquarters and subsidiaries of the group company;

③ Responsible for the bidding document of the construction project bidding project entrusted by the group company headquarters and subsidiaries、Questions (supplementary) file review and other tasks;

④ As a representative of the bidder, participating in the opening of the construction project bidding project entrusted by the group's headquarters and subsidiaries,Survey and handle the questioning and complaints of the bidding site of the construction project at the opening site;

⑤ As the contracting department, the office Ladbrokes login strictly performs the contract and signing process of the group company;

⑥ Organize the bidding agent to complete the bidding information of the bidding project、Archives of the bid evaluation information;

⑦ Responsible for the supervision and guidance of the bidding work of the group subsidiary,Organize the training of bidding business,Acceptance of bidding complaints,Cooperating with the higher authorities to check the bidding work;

⑧ Complete other tasks assigned by the group leader.


Groups under the group


Group under the jurisdiction14 subsidiaries, 4 branches: 

1. Xi'an Tap Water Co., Ltd.

2.Xi'an Water Purification Treatment Co., Ltd.

3. Xi'an Water Ding Group Co., Ltd.

4. Xi'an Urban and Rural Water Co., Ltd.

5. Xi'an Water Supply Group Co., Ltd.

6.Xi'an Water Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd.

7. Xi'an Heihe Water Supply Co., Ltd.

-Xi'an Heihe Water Supply Co., Ltd. Channel Management Branch

-Hi'an Heihe Water Supply Co., Ltd.Golden Pen ReservoirpointsCompany

-Wei'an Heihe Water Supply Co., Ltd. Shihuan Reservoir Management Branch

-Hei'an Heihe Water Supply Co., Ltd. Cited Stone Management Branch

8. Xi'an Water Affairs (Group) Lijiahe Reservoir Management Co., Ltd.

9. Xi'an Water Affairs (Group) Engineering Construction Management Co., Ltd.

10. Xi'an Yanliang Hangcheng Water Co., Ltd.

11. Xi'an Water (Group) Green Water Development Co., Ltd.

12. Xi'an Water Affairs InvestmentBournered Co., Ltd.

13. Xi'an Water (Group) Planning and Design Research Institute Co., Ltd.


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